This is interesting

I apologize to you all for not writing another installment f foxholes this week, I promise I will get to work on it right away.

So I was talking with Jason tonight about a book I read about in Men's Health about D&D., by Vin Diesel, which is odd to say the least, but probably going to set of a chain of blog events. So I went home to get the title, and ran across another interesting thing in my magazine. It was an article about wingwomen. The same as a wingman when out in public on the prowl to meet the opposite sex. So I was wondering how this is any different than an escort service. I dunno, but it is kind of bizarre.


Wowsers. . .

I was just looking at my google adsense report, and it has been one month since I put them on my blog. About the only useful feature of the adsense thing, is that it tracks hits on my site. In one month, I have gotten 1456 hits on my blog. That is pretty humbling to know that an average of 48 people a day view my blog. I know, that a lot of them are me checking my blog, and a lot of my usuals clicking through, but thanks anyway folks.

Slow week in Blogsville

Well, This has been a mighty slow week in Blogsville I must say. Hardly any comments, except for on Jakesblog, and very few new posts. So has the mystique of the blog worn off? Or has it just been as busy a week for everyone as it was for me? I hope to get to Foxholes 3 early next week. Happy blogging to all, and I will see a lot of you at OMSI on Saturday.


Who's ready for Foxholes part 3?

Has everyone who wants to, had a chance to read Foxholes 2? I was getting ready to do part 3, and wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to absorb the last one. I didn't get much feedback, but it has been about a week now, and I was getting ready for another installment. Dwayne. . . Was it worth the special pot of coffee? Either way, I will probably get to it sometime early this week.


How do you find any punishment to fit this crime?

So I was watching Fox news today, and they did a segment on a Florida couple accused of torturing their children. To the extent of pulling out toenails with pliers and hitting them with hammers. The sixteen year old girl weighed something like 45 pounds. I couldn't find the article on the Fox news webpage, but I found the article here on MSN. So how can there be any punishment sever enough to Fix these people to be productive, sane members of our fair society? My initial response, was that it was the arresting officer's duty to give each of those parents two to the back of the head. That would be way to easy, and really not solve any problem. Seriously, how bad would any child have to behave, in order for a parent to pull out that kids toenails? I am actually at a loss for words as I type this, it makes me sick as hell, and beyond angry. I put these scumbags on a lower level than the 9/11 terrorists. For any of you who know my feelings about 9/11, you will know that it would be hard to get lower on the scale of scumbag than those guys. Screw it, I am too pissed to keep typing.


Stupid google adsense thingy

Apparently when I get crawled by google, it picks up words out of my titles for my adsense bar. Last week it was Robin hood. This week, Atheism. Grand. It is going to go away soon I think.