Lined up against a wall and shot.

No, that is too honorable for the scumbags that did this.

They need to be found, given two in the back of the head, and dumped into a ditch.

I am now to pissed to continue blogging tonight.


Current events...

It has been a very busy past few weeks. I haven't gotten a whole lot done as far as phase three planning, but have been very busy in pushing forward in phase two. My two week annual training (well three five day weeks actually) went awesome! I was fortunate enough to get a dialed in Private to assist me in getting my section ready for our big inspection. She worked her fingers to the bone cleaning and arranging everything, so that my cage looked super clean, while I made sure that all of our stuff worked and was serviceable. I wasn't aware of it at the time we started our task, but how well the unit did on the inspection, directly relates to how much money the unit gets next year. Last weekend, while the inspection took place, I was sent to Bend to help one of our subordinate companies prepare their communications section for the inspection. They do not have any commo people, so myself and the Private First Class in my section got ourselves a government car, a free motel room, and an extra 40 bucks a day for food. It went pretty well, and I hope we did some good for that unit. Back to the inspection at my unit. We got back from Bend just in time for final formation. After formation, my Sergeant told me that we got a 100% first time go, with zero deficiencies! I was pumped. Apparently it was the first time in a few years that has happened.

Tomorrow I start work at O'dark thirty for Tyler, and the guys at BTN. It should be fun, lots of walking, and sun, so I should lose even more weight. I am still running, and doing the pushups and situps, as I have my first PT test on August 7th. To say I am not nervous would be a lie. I am kind of behind the power curve on my run times, but I am getting closer, and have refused to accept any kind of failure.

This week I am going to start contacting several colleges that I am thinking about transferring to, as well as locking down a counselor who can give me real input about the best way to approach the OCS/ROTC decision. Right now I am leaning towards business at OSU, and going through the ROTC program, so that I have the option to go back active as an officer. (and then running off to Texas or Georgia.)

So that is about it for now, more to come I am sure. Thanks for all of your continued support and guidance.


Phase two update. . .

So I just got back from my evening math class, where I received my first mini-midterm test back. I got a 97 FREAKING PERCENT!!! I am so damn stoked, that I didn't give a crap that I got a $15 parking ticket at school. I am not even going to go off on how much I hate that place, because I am so pumped about my grade. I only missed one question, and it was my own dumb fault for making a small error in the order of operations. I am doing about that well in my online psych 101 class. Which is rare, because I usually suck at online classes due to the fact that I end up screwing around on the computer instead of doing my homework. On to more Phase Two stuff.

So for the last two weeks, and the rest of this week, I am working on getting my section ready for a huge annual inspection. Normally I hate taking credit for stuff that should have been done already, but in this case I am going to brag a little. I arrived in my section (commo) to find one sergeant, and two privates first class. The cage (where we keep all of our stuff) was a train wreck. No organization of anything, stuff was visibly dirty, and there were no maintenance forms, or manuals with half of the equipment on the shelf. I found this to be unsatisfactory, and had a chat with my sergeant, who agreed (he has just taken over the section, we are both new) We talked about me fixing the place while I was there for my two weeks. I feel that I have done just that. This morning the Battalion Commander (in this case a Major) walked into my cage and told me that it gave him a hardon. He said that we have the most squared away cage in the entire unit. Needless to say, my chest swelled a little, and I got a big "Hooah" from my sergeant.

I am really excited about recent events in my life, and want to thank all of you who have supported me and believed in me and my mission.

And for all of you doubters and haters, who say that I am wasting my life with the Military, and that focusing on becoming an officer, and that I am a cheap ass-freeloader, and will never accomplish greatness. . . Click here