Gumball. . . Gumball. . . Gumball!

It is here, its finally here! About three months ago, I preordered the movie The Gumball Rally. It shipped a few days ago, and I just finished watching it. Ahh, what a fantastic, iconic film of American freedom. For those of you who don't know, Gumball Rally was the first in a long string of movies about organized underground illegal races from one side of the U.S. to the other. Movies such as The Cannonball Run, and Speed Zone. Both of which pretty much suck spokes in comparison. This film is more about the cars, rather than the quirky humor of the drivers. The "stars" of the film are a vintage Ford Cobra, and a red Ferrari. I will cherish this movie forever. Yes, I said that. It might make it onto the next movie night list.

There is actually a real race that happens every year now, called the Gumball 3000. You can witness the ultra rich playing their games in these races by watching the Teckademics Mischief 3000 video, which I have by the way.

And yes, I am actually working on Foxholes 4, I am about a third of the way done with it.


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