What makes me tick?

I like to share. Share stories, good food, movies, trivia, pop-culture, and just about everything else. Near as I can tell, I have about fourteen readers. Probably eight with that read regularly. (once a day to see if I have something new) So I thought I would post something for my loyal fan base of just barely enough people to play a basketball game. Many of you know me in person. Some of you are related, some of you I have known for about 13 years, some I am just getting to know, some I have never met, and of course, one very special amazing someone. So back to me. I like stuff. Cool stuff to be exact, rather, what I think is cool. Military stuff, movies, firearms, cars, gadgets, and music. I am also becoming more and more to enjoy exercising. This is something I have always really hated, but now that I let myself get so far out of shape, that I lost myself in me, I am finding it to be extremely rewarding to go in after that lost me through diet and exercise. For the first time in my life, one of my goals is to actually run in a marathon. (well, at least a half marathon) Back to my obsession with stuff.

One of the things I like to do is watch people do dumb things. There are several places that I do this. One is any road in America, and another is the internet. So I thought I would be nice, and share some of my favorite websites, and perhaps a few fun little video links as well.

ebaum's world. This is a site that has a whole lot of worthless stuff on it, but I enjoy the videos and goofiness of it. A few of my current favorites from this site are: Beatbox. A six minute video of some guy beatboxing. Nintendo. Four and a half minute video of an Acapella group doing Nintendo game theme music. Snowtow. This is what happens when you are retarded and try to pull a car out of the snow. The other one of my favorites is a video of a test drive the way we all want to do it in the blackest part of our hearts. Those are a few of my favorite videos off that site, so have fun surfing around it. Another site similar to that is College Humor. This site is a little more adult in nature, so use caution on there.

Ill Will Press. Watch the follies of Foamy the squirrel.

Grouchy Media. This is a site that compiles videos of military stuff to rock songs. Awesome stuff!

Men's Health. I read this magazine, and frequent this site. There is, as they say "Tons of useful stuff."

Maddox. This guy is a pirate. His page has some of the funniest stories and rants I have ever seen. Look for the posts where he grades kids' art projects!

These are just a few of the pages that I frequent. Only a couple of them are anything but time wasters, so if you have some minutes that you hate, check out the sites.

So there you have it, just a few of the things that I do to gather information for the things I babble about, and have fun with. So kick back, click some links, and enjoy!


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