Effects of Katrina to be felt as far away as Turner, OR

So I get a phone call this afternoon from my section sergeant. It appears that I may be going to Louisiana, and have to be ready to go to the south to help aid with the clean up/rescue efforts. I will know more by Monday, and could be leaving as soon as next week. The tour would be for around 1-6 months. But most likely less than 90 days. Anyone have an old/extra laptop that they could give me as a loner if I go, so I can keep people posted when I get an internet connection? Once again, I will post my little poem about being a soldier. Thank you all for your thoughts, and support. (save all of your prayers for those who are truly in need down there)

I was that which others did not want to be.
I went where others feared to go, and did what others failed to do.
I asked nothing from those who gave nothing, and reluctantly accept
the thought of eternal loneliness. . . Should I fail.
I have seen the face of terror; felt the stinging cold of fear; and
enjoyed the sweet taste of a moments love.
I have cried, pained, and hoped. . . But most of all, I have lived
times that others would say were best forgotten.
At least someday I will be able to say that I was proud of what I was. . .A



At 8/31/2005 9:31 PM, Blogger everyday.wonder said...

Wow, I gotta say that would be a good use of your talents as well as my tax dollars. What a privilege to get to go help in a place like that!

At 9/01/2005 12:01 PM, Blogger Sailor Republica said...


At 9/01/2005 12:18 PM, Blogger sCruuw said...

Nice blog! Good luck to you...

At 9/02/2005 10:53 AM, Blogger SHAZAM! said...

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At 9/02/2005 10:55 AM, Blogger SHAZAM! said...

That's awesome. If you get the chance, feel free to send a few rounds down range at those looters and thugs who are taking pot-shots at relief workers.

Oh yeah, I wouldn't drink the water if I were you.

At 9/02/2005 2:11 PM, Blogger Gunslinger said...

I operate under the theory of "You loot. We Shoot."

Yeah, I will be taking at least one bottle of Dasani with me.

At 9/02/2005 7:29 PM, Anonymous Veroncia said...

Goodluck, besafe and be proud.:)


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