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I saw a clip about this on the news. Too bad. The first Jaws fim is actually one of my all-time favorite films. At least in the top 25. He is also one of the reasons why people have such a fear for Sharks. That, and the fact that they are gigantic flesh eating creatures that are bigger than us, and are more comfortable in their environment. Of course, get a few sharks out in the open, on land, and we will see who is the baddest one of them all...

Wow, three posts this weekend! I actually have two more that I want to get written, but they may have to wait until around Thursday.

When I was looking for the Benchley thing, I ran across this. All I can say is. Whoops. Hey, if you are around firearms long enough, you will have an acidental discharge. Of course, who doesn't want to shoot a millionaire lawyer?


At 2/14/2006 12:36 PM, Blogger ted said...

Now that he's dead maybe we can actually get The Island on DVD. And if you are wondering, "Peter Benchley was involved in that Ewan McGregor movie?" then you suck harder than a black hole.

If you want to see what Peter Benchley looks like watch Jaws. He's the TV reporter on the beach on Amity Island on the 4th of July.

And don't think that the coolest scene in that whole movie had anything to do with either Benchley or Spielberg. The Indianapolis monologue by Rober Shaw as Quint was written by John Milius, though it was uncredited.


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