My dear readers,

I want to apologize for not writing anything, especially Foxholes 4, for the last couple of weeks. I have been busy with a bunch of nonsense (Not Halo2, Ted) and haven't really been in the mood to do much writing. It wouldn't be fair to my loyal fanbase of about 3 people, to write a bunch of meaningless tripe in place of Foxholes 4, so I just stuck with posting comments. I am less busy this week, and getting back in the mood to do some writing, so I will make sure that you guys get what you want. Hopefully before Wednesday.

Thanks for reading.


At 3/14/2005 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm....Foxholes 4. Yeah, I share your lack of motivation for blogging. I'm still recovering from last week.

At 3/15/2005 1:21 PM, Blogger ted said...

"(Not Halo2, Ted)"



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