I must be getting old.

So, I had to get gas tonight, and I was really amazed that people were lined up to pay $2.12 a gallon for regular. What a ripoff. This is not the good chevron Techron stuff mind you, this was the cheapass conoco Fred Meyer stuff. The little card discount means that you would only pay $2.09. Good Lord. A week ago it was only $1.98, and that was too damn much. I know, all of you from places like San Diego will read this and wish that they could pay $2.12 a gallon, but less than a month ago it was under a buck seventy.

I have long been an opponent to alternate fuel vehicles. Mostly because they look lame as hell, and can't make the performance that we as Americans have come to consider mandatory. I am beginning to agree more and more with my dad that we need to start really working on hydrogen powered cars. This will accomplish two things; One, it will make for cheaper cleaner driving for all of us. Two, and perhaps most beneficial of this switchover, it will make oil almost useless. That will relieve the middle east from the only thing it has that makes the rest of the world pay any attention to it. Sounds like a win, win. I will still only buy a hydrogen car if it looks decent and can do zero to sixty in under 7 seconds.


At 3/28/2005 11:47 AM, Blogger everyday.wonder said...

Jake had mentioned something about hydrogen powered vehicles and their relationship to the coming boom in nuclear power. Apparently, they produce fuel-grade hydrogen in the appropriate volume as a byproduct of their operation. Europe is already using these and will probably beat us to the punch in the fielding of H2 powered vehicles. Hopefully, somebody over here will notice (Daimler-Chrysler?) and pump out a H2-Hemi. Sweet...


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