Am I the only one annoyed by this?

I gotta tell ya,

Why is it that there are certain groups or types of people, who insist on divulging information to me that I could care less about. Moreover, I would rather not hear at all, and find it annoying when said information is given. The people/groups I am talking about are as follows:

Californians; It never fails, no matter how brief your conversation with most Californians, they always have to bring up the fact that they are from California. I mean a complete stranger struck up a conversation with me in a checkstand at the grocery store. The encounter lasted no more than three minutes, and I found out that the shmuck was from California, and that apparently, jalapenos are fresher there. (Really?)

Mormons; The majority of these people are so self-conscious about their whack-job religion, that the only way they can feel good is if they run around converting people. They remind me of the purple smurfs. Keep your LDS off my body!

Addicts; I didn't call them recovering addicts, because they are still addicts. Only now they are addicted to telling everyone who will listen that they are clean and sober. WHO CARES!? Fantastic, now that you got your crap together, go get a real job and start being a productive member of society. Stop telling me that you were a homeless crackhead. I don't care that 2 years ago you were eating out of a dumpster, but now you are clean for however many days. I wonder how much your recover cost the taxpayers?

Another group of people, have no defining characteristic, other than the fact that they are all just A-Holes. The ones who always have a damn comment about any given topic. It is usually inaccurate at best, and insulting or unbearably annoying at worst. These are the people who when in a group if they start talking, most everyone either leaves, or just have uncomfortable looks on their faces. Of course it is inevitable that they will start talking, because they can't help but show the whole world how ignorant they are.

I guess there is no point in being stupid if you don't let everybody know.


At 1/12/2005 11:25 PM, Blogger Mary said...

I find any religion that has to go door-to-door to recruit people a little suspect. :+)

At 1/17/2005 1:34 PM, Blogger Alien Shaman said...

Wait, don't you comment on all things? Or was that just around me so I stop talking...

At 1/17/2005 4:12 PM, Blogger ted said...

The people who bug me are the ones who go around using punctuation to draw little happy faces, little sad faces, little winking faces, little stupid faces, whatever all over their messages. Gah!


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