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So Ted has a posting on his Blog about the firearms he dreams about when he should be doing other things. There are several categories, and they break down like this:

-AR 15 of some type, or boltgun in .223
-Some kind of .22 revolver. (?)
-Marlin Lever gun in a Long action Caliber.
-An AR 15 pistol variant.

Here is my response to each of these.

The shotgun. I am a big fan of the pump shotty. Loaded with buck or slugs, it can be one of the most powerful civilian weapons available. My vote is for the H&K FP6 A1 Pump Shotgun with Heavy Barrel. I have handled these at gun shows, and think that they are pretty alright. They run about $550.00. If this is not an option, I would go with the 870 Express This model has the 7 round capacity, and retails for under 300 clams. This might be a better choice than the H&K, and if you really want a pistol grip, just pick up a Brownell's catalog and order one.

.223 (AR-15 or Bolt Rifle.) My bias is going to run pretty deep on this. There is no reason whatsoever to have a bolt gun in .223. Modern AR's are just about as accurate as a bolt gun, but you get the combat capabilities of the AR. O am a big fan of Olympic Arms models (They make it just about as easy to build one as buy an assembled one) The real beauty of an AR, is that once you have the lower receiver, you can then but any number of uppers on it from .17HMR, all the way up to .50BMG in the Ferret conversion. So under the shotgun, this is definitely the best choice you could make. Go with the AR, it should be required by law that every household have one.

.22 Revolver. I am totally uninterested in this. Pass on this idea Ted.

Marlin Lever Gun in a big bore Cal. I was just talking with Dad the other day about how I need to get a lever gun one of these days. I am a big .45/70 fan, but I am also interested in the .444 Marlin. But if there is a .500S&W caliber on the horizon, I will buy that for sure. But until then, I would wait. If you want to shoot a .45/70, just come shoot the Ruger No. 3.

AR style pistol. These are pretty darn cool. They combine all of the great features of your standard AR-15 with the concealment/drive-byability of a pistol/subgun. I think that Olympic will be making one of these without all the holes in the body soon. There was a Bushmaster lightweight pistol at the gunshow last weekend for $700.00. This is something that I would hold off on until I had both the Shotty, and the AR. I prefer this model, over this one.

I think to sum it up, Ted has a really focused idea of what he wants. This is just a list of my ideas about what he should get. So make sure you go to Ted's blog and let him know what YOU think.


At 1/19/2005 12:35 PM, Blogger Tim Lewis said...


Now I like that! It reminds me of my days of growing up in the hood.

At 1/19/2005 5:11 PM, Blogger ted said...

I wrote a bunch of stuff but it must have gotten caught in my computer's teeth because it never posted here.

At 1/20/2005 4:50 PM, Blogger ted said...

I'm gonna try to remember what I wrote yesterday that didn't make it onto a post for whatever technical problem blogger was experiencing.

I'm really not into that HK shotgun. Pistol grips on shotguns just don't do it for me, unless of course we're talking about something like what Mad Max had in Road Warrior. An 870 is alright, but it's only got a 6+1 capacity, though the Mossberg 590 has 8+1 capacity. When you consider the possiblity of using those Aguila shorty 12ga shells that are just under a 2:1 size difference from 2-3/4" shells you go from the Remington having about a 12 round capacity to the Mossberg with around 16. Like I said, the main problem with a shotgun choice is that I just can't make up my mind.

I do want an AR eventually, and I should probably move it up on the priority list due to the fact that it is not too hard to see another gun ban being enacted eventually.

I don't expect you to understand why I want a .22 revolver.

I am terribly disappointed that Marlin didn't pull their heads out of the sand and hog out the barrels and actions on their 1895 for the .500. I think they would sell more of these than they could make and I'd sure put my name on the list. They made them in .480/.475 and the .475 Linebaugh makes more CUP than the .500 by a surprising margin. I see no reason for them not to be making this. A .45-70 would be the next best thing, but do I want the best thing or just the next best thing? I'd steer clear of the .444 chambering. Not because it's bad or anything, it's just that .45-70 loaded by Cor-Bon or Buffalo Bore, or even high-power handloads, dial in just short of a rocket and ballistcally exceed the .444 by a lot. Also, you can go into any gun store in America and walk out with several boxes of different loads of .45-70. .444 doesn't even show up in all gun stores and when it does there's usually only one or two loadings and the boxes have dust all over them.

Ah, the AR pistol. Here's the problems with OA. One, they cost more than the Bushmaster by a couple hundred bucks. Two, they only make a small number of them each year and they're hard to get while Bushmaster has literally flooded the market with theirs. Three, OA's own literature states that if the barrel gets too hot you start having problems with ammo stabilty, meaning that when you fire it too fast, the barrell gets too hot and you wind up with the dumb thing going all Maximum Overdrive on you with a mind of it's own. On the upside, when it does that, it goes full auto. According to their literature this can be acheived in as little as 15 - 20 rounds (all of the preceeding information is based on last year's OA catalog, they have changed over to an annoying PDF version of their catalog for this year and I have yet to bother downloading it). Of the two pictures you linked, the first one is closest to the model I want. The one I want has a rail along the bottom of the hand guard as well. If I remember, Davidsons' link to that picture is busted. The reason the other one looks so lame is that it was designed to comply with the semi-auto pistol requirements for the Clinton gun ban that had a maximum weight of 50 oz. for semi-auto pistols with a magazine that extended conspicuously from anywhere other than the grip frame. That's also why the OA model has all those holes cut in the grip and hand guard. One other cool thing about the Bushmaster is that the compensator on the barrel is attached by means of a spring-loaded cuff, much like the ones used on air hoses for pneumatic tools. This can be replaced with another comp manufactured by Bushmaster for about $20 that ends in a section with 1/2"-28tpi threads which are the threads used on all pre-ban AR compensators as well as all .223 suppressors. See where I'm going with this?

At 1/20/2005 4:59 PM, Blogger TOMO said...

Great site...

At 1/20/2005 11:38 PM, Blogger Gunslinger said...

OK, I appreciate that you like my site TOMO. . . I am going to trash your comment in 12 hours, because I am not into YOU putting a link anywhere near my blog.


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